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Week 3 Assignment 1: Clinical Group Meeting


You will meet with your faculty and other clinical students in a mandatory Live Session once a week for 75 minutes. You are expected to attend and participate actively to earn credit. The topics of the meetings will vary, and your faculty will provide you with meeting details ahead of time. See the Live Session Information, found in the General area of the course, for all meeting details.

In Week 1, your faculty assigned you, via Course Announcements, a topic that corresponds with a specific course week. During the specified week of the course, you will complete a case presentation on your assigned topic.

You will deliver your case presentation to the class, supported by Microsoft PowerPoint slides. It will include the following components:

Review of patient’s history

History of present illness

Subjective information

Initial differential diagnoses

Objective information

Differential diagnoses


Plan of care

Information on pathophysiology, etiology, and current clinical practice guidelines, as applicable

Note: Submit your Microsoft PowerPoint file to this assignment dropbox (see To Submit Your Assignment instructions).

To Submit Your Assignment:

Select the Add Submissions button.

Drag or upload your file to the File Picker.

Select Save Changes.

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