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Week 4 Assignment 3: Weekly Reflection

Grading Category: Complete (P)/Incomplete (F)

Reflect on the clinical experiences you’ve had over the past week, and record your thoughts in a document no more than 500 words long. Your peers will be able to read and reply to what you have written.

Your reflection must satisfy these criteria:

It must be about a client encounter you had this week.

It must include an analysis of the nurse practitioner role or the potential role in the clinical setting.

All clinical discussion or communication must protect the confidentiality of clients; your reflection must not use any patient names, ages, or other personal identifiers.

You will not be graded on the experiences you have had, but instead on your commitment to reflecting on those experiences and using those reflections to improve your professional identity and skill set.

Select one of the following options to help you give your reflection focus:

Option 1

Write about a situation that you felt you handled well. What did you do?

Option 2

Write about a situation in which you felt unsure of yourself. What happened? What made you question your decision making? If faced with the same situation in the future, how would you like to handle it differently?

Option 3

Write about a situation that you felt you handled incorrectly. What happened? How would you change your actions to result in a different outcome?

Option 4

Write about a continuing situation that began earlier in your clinical. How has the situation evolved since you first faced it? What have you done to guide the relationship? What interventions or strategies have you tried? What is the current outcome? What are your goals with this patient?

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Hi everyone!

I hope you are all having a good week. Today I will be discussing my 68 year old patient that came in with nausea and vomiting, lack of appetite, LLQ tenderness, fever and diarrhea for 3 days. He has an extensive family history of GI issues. I believed it was potentially diverticulitis and decided to order an abdominal CT scan, CBC and CRP. My preceptor said that he never orders a CRP but understood why I would want to when looking for inflammation. The office was able to squeeze him in somewhere local for a same-day CT scan. His results came back negative for elevated WBC and the abdominal scan did not align with dx of diverticulitis. The CRP, however, was very elevated. The patient was anxious upon arriving to the office about the current state of his health and the elevated lab result caused him to become even more anxious even though he had positive results. I learned that a CRP may not be the best test to order when a patient’s body is in acute distress since it can be misleading when determining the cause. The patient was prescribed Flagyl while in the office but my preceptor reached out and let him know that they may not be necessary.

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