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Week 7 Writing Activity: Literature Review

 Week 7 Writing Activity: Literature Review


Add your literature review to Section 2 of the
Prospectus Template provided in Week 2 of the course. You will add to the
literature as indicated below. 

Critically review, edit, and revise your literature
review. The literature review should:

Include definitions of concepts relating to the
topic of the research.

Add an expanded discussion of the framework
identified in Week 4 and discuss the origin of the theory or model used
as your framework. How was the framework used originally? How is the
framework applied in current studies. Add 3-pages.

Include historically relevant information.

Contain critical analysis (strong and weak

Integrate sources to produce sound arguments and
discuss issues related to the topic.

Include comparing and contrasting arguments and

Include a summary of the key discussions in the
literature. Add a 1-page summary.


Apply APA format, writing conventions, and scholarly

Do not express your own opinion, agenda, or bias.

Include scholarly, peer-reviewed, or primary

85% of the sources should be 3 years old or newer.

15% of the sources can be a combination of seminal
sources older than 3 years, books, cited legal language, and government

Length: 20- pages

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