Why is an understanding of national cultures important in strategic management?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Read carefully case No 8 from your textbook (entitled ‘iRobot: Finding the Right Market Mix?) and answer the following questions: (1 mark each question) 1.Draw the SWOT matrix of the iRobot company.2.What is the competitive strategy used by iRobot company?3.Use the five forces of the M. Porter matrix to describe the robot-based product industry.4.Describe the different functional strategies of the iRobot company.5.Describe the relationship of iRobot with its primary stakeholders.6.Describe the core competency and the outsourcing strategy of iRobot.7.What kind of strategic alliance is used by iRobot? Why does iRobot choose it?8.What are the main challenges that iRobot faces? 9.Assess the competitive advantage of iRobot on its market.10.Recommend solutions for iRobot to improve its competitive advantage.Notes:üKindly be accurate and brief when answering the questions.üYou are required to use the terminology used in your course.üCopy/pasting the phrases from the text is not acceptable. You must use your own words.Assignment 2A.Discussion questions 1. Is the evaluation and control process appropriate for a corporation that emphasizes creativity? Are control and creativity compatible? Discuss. (2 marks) Max 300 words2.What skills should a person have for managing a business unit following a differentiation strategy? Why? What should a company do if no one is available internally and the company has a policy of promotion from within? (2 marks) Max 400 words3.Why is an understanding of national cultures important in strategic management? (1 mark) Max 300 words B.Case study An acquisition is a situation whereby one firm (acquiring firm) purchases most or all of another firm’s (acquired firm) shares in order to take control.From real national/international market, select an example of an acquisition between two firms and answer the following questions:1.Briefly introduce the chosen acquiring and acquired firms (Industry, activity, nationality, market position, …). (1Mark). Max 100 words2.Explain the different reasons for this acquisition. (1Mark)3.Was this acquisition successful? Why? (1Mark)4.Evaluate the competitive advantage of the acquiring company (after the acquisition). (1Mark)5.What is the method used by the acquiring firm to manage the culture of the acquired firm? underline the pros and cons of this method. (1Mark)

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