Why is this indicator listed under three different age groups?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a social science question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Introduction:North Carolina’s Foundations for Early Learning and Development is a resource that you, as an Early Childhood professional, will be using everyday in your career. NC Foundations was designed as a guideline for early educators, administrators, parents, family members, technical assistance providers, and anyone who may work directly or indirectly with young children (ages birth – 5 years). NC Foundations can be used for all children ages birth – 5 years, regardless of the program they are served in, language they speak, disabilities they may have, or family make-up. Assignment:Using your own copy of NC Foundations, or the PDF version, answer the following questions:1. What is the purpose of NC Foundations? (p. 2)2. What are the 5 domains NC Foundations is divided into? (p. 3)3. Define the following: (p. 4)a. Domain:b. Subdomain:c. Goal:d. Developmental Indicator:e. Goal and Developmental Indicator Continuum:4. Define the following age periods (by months): (p. 5)a. Infants:b. Younger Toddlers:c. Older Toddlers:d. Younger Preschoolers:e. Older Preschoolers:5. How many subdomains do each of the following domains carry? (p. 8 -12)a. APL:b. ESD:c. HPD:d. LDC:e. CD:6. How many goals do each of the following domains carry? (p. 8-12)a. APL:b. ESD:c. HPD:d. LDC:e. CD:7. On which page(s) do the following domains begin on?a. APL:b. ESD:c. HPD:d. LDC:e. CD:8. Name the subdomains for APL:a. b. c. d. 9. Find Goal APL-3. What is the title of this goal and how many developmental indicators are included within this goal?10. When working on subdomain 4 of APL, what is the 2nd strategy mentioned for infants/toddlers? 7th strategy for preschoolers?11. Name the subdomains for ESD:a. b. c. 12. If a child has mastered ESD-2k, what age group would they be defined to?13. If a child has mastered ESD-4a, what is the next developmental indicator they should begin working on, and what age group would this be defined to?14. Name the subdomains for HPD:a. b. c. d. 15. How many goals full under HPD’s second subdomain? What are their titles?16. If a child’s age puts them into the Younger Preschooler’s age group for HPD-8, but they have not yet mastered HPD-8g and -8h, under which age group would you developmentally define this child as being in?17. Name the subdomains for LDC:a. b. c. 18. Under LDC’s subdomain of “Learning to Communicate”, goal LDC-5, how many developmental indicators are listed for Infants?19. Under goal LDC-8, there are three developmental indicators that are the exact same (LDC-8d, 8h, and 8j) shown with an arrow between the three. Why is this indicator listed under three different age groups?20. Name the subdomains for CD:a. b. c. d. e. 21. For goal CD-1, what is this indicator listed as: “Organize and use information through matching, grouping, and sequencing”?22. Define a strategy you could use in a classroom to help children master goal CD-9c.

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