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Write the third chapter of my thesis on the government measures to prevent recur

Write the third chapter of my thesis on the government measures to prevent recurrences of the genocide. My full subject is: “the role of national media in the preparation and the execution of the genocide against the tutsis in 1994. Gouvernment measures installed to prevent recurrences of media abuse”. 
To write this chapter of my thesis, you must follow this outline and the information i want you to give in it, please note that this work should be as precise as possible and sources should be cited (use reliable sources like the constitution of rwanda, MINUBUMWE,…) :
Chapter 3: Government Measures to Prevent Recurrences
I. Government in Place After the Genocide 
II. Gouvernement measures to prevent hate speech and division 
1. National awareness campaigns to promote unity and reconciliation: 
– Organization of large-scale media campaigns aimed at educating the population on the destructive consequences of hate speech and division. (Provide one or more concrete examples)
– Use of various means of communication, including television, radio, social networks, and public posters, to disseminate messages of unity and peaceful coexistence. (+ analyze a speech, a message, or a poster) 
– Collaboration with influential personalities and community leaders to amplify the impact of the campaigns and encourage public adherence. (Concrete example) 
2.  Educational program aimed at combating ethnic stereotypes and prejudices (optional) 
– Integration of modules on tolerance, diversity, and peaceful         conflict resolution in school curricula at all levels. 
– Training of teachers to effectively transmit these values and            encourage interethnic dialogue in the classroom. 
– Organization of workshops and seminars for young people, religious leaders, and members of civil society to promote mutual understanding and interethnic cooperation. 
3. Creation of early detection mechanisms for social and ethnic tensions for rapid intervention (are there any?) 
III. Government measures to control the media 
1.  Creation of media regulatory institutions: 
– Establishment of government bodies such as the High Media Authority (HAM) tasked with supervising and regulating national media activities. (Presentation of HAM + objectives + concrete achievements) 
– Granting specific powers to these institutions to monitor media content, investigate potential violations, and take disciplinary actions in case of non-compliance. (What does the law allow them to do in terms of media surveillance? And for punishments?) 
2. Development of laws to monitor and sanction media spreading hate speech: 
– Adoption of specific legislation prohibiting the spread of speech inciting violence, ethnic discrimination, or racial hatred. (Cite some laws) 
– Clear definition of criteria to determine what constitutes hate speech and the penalties associated with its dissemination, including fines and sanctions.
IV. Evaluation of Measures Taken 
1. Analysis of the effectiveness of the laws and media regulatory institutions 
2. Evaluation of the impact of awareness campaigns and educational programs on Rwandan society 
3. Identification of persistent challenges and areas needing improvement 
V. Future Perspectives to Improve Government Reforms (your personal input to be added here )

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