Certificate in Mechanical & Plumbing Systems

This assignment is about a case study of a 5-story Wafer Fabrication Plant. The WFP is located 20m above mean sea level. Each story is 4m high.

3rd floor: Assuming cleanroom areas are Bay 7 to 10 where test tools/devices are installed as shown in Figure 1. The area enclosed in the bigger red box has a floor area of about 750 m2. The toilets are enclosed in a smaller red box. Apart from these areas, you do not need to consider other parts of the 3rd floor in this case study.

4th-floor office: As indicated in Figure 2, this level consists of open-plan office cubicles and small office rooms. The floor area is about 750 m2. There is approximately 90 staff working in the area enclosed in the red box.

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