Chapter 9: writing reports and proposals

Assignment: Business Communication, Module 3, M3.4 Assignment Proposing
Veltsos, J.R., & Hynes, G.E. (2022). Managerial communication strategies and applications (8th ed.). Sage Publishing. (VitalSource text).
Chapter 4: Managing Meetings and Teams
Chapter 8: Writing Routine Messages
Chapter 9: Writing Reports and Proposals
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Chapter 4: Managing Meetings and Teams Download Chapter 4: Managing Meetings and Teams
Chapter 8: Writing Routine Messages Download Chapter 8: Writing Routine Messages
Chapter 9: Writing Reports and Proposals Download Chapter 9: Writing Reports and Proposals
Please read the article below:
Moore, C. (2022, January 7). 15 communication exercises and games for the workplace. (Links to an external site.)
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Films Media Group. (2019). Managing a virtual team.
Please review Case 9-2 in your textbook. It is also cited below:
Cass Kline is a project manager in the information technology (IT) department of a medium-sized medical device manufacturer in the Midwest. Although the company had an airy, bright building, the IT department’s space was cramped and dark. The center of the large room was dominated by a “cubicle farm” with 6-foot-tall walls. Some of the light fixtures had cardboard taped to the covers to deflect the fluorescent lighting from the computer monitors below. The carpet was worn and loose on the main pathways, with folds rising up in places and loops of frayed threads visible at seams.
As Cass waited for a report to print, she looked around her workspace. The office did not inspire enthusiasm, and she wondered what effect it might have on employee morale. People tended to walk straight to their workspaces and communicate with each other mostly by email. The carpet was unsightly, but more importantly, it could present a trip hazard. Cass wondered if her next project should be to renovate the bullpen to make it more collaborative and aesthetically pleasing.
****Instructions (Please follow instructions as listed and include everything that is asked)***
You have been tasked with writing a planning proposal to top management on how to renovate the bullpen to make it more aesthetically appealing to a diverse workforce. Your planning proposal should clearly state how the problem could be resolved as efficiently and effectively as possible. While a planning proposal is more informal than other types of proposals, your written proposal will be read by top managers in your organization, so you want to ensure it is clear, concise, and well supported.
In a 3 page, APA formatted planning proposal identify the current problem and explain potential problems which could arise if changes are not made. Offer specific solutions to the problem and craft a persuasive argument for them. You will need at least three references which support the concepts of office design and productivity; outline the potential costs of office redesign; and illustrate how new office designs can support safety, morale, and overall company operations.
Follow this format for your proposal:
–Introduction: Identify the problem and explain the impact.
–Describe the current situation: strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement.
–Offer specific solutions which address the problem: Include guidelines on the implementation process, timeline, costs, and deliverables. Explain how your design promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in your department.
–Conclusion: Persuasively explain the benefits the organization can expect, describe the next steps, and propose a call for action.