For access to virtual tour of american museum of national history, please try the following steps

Evolution insight report: You have tosubmit a short report, based upon a virtual visit to American Museum of Natural History. You are expected to discuss your understanding of an aspect of evolution supported or demonstrated by one of the exhibits. For access to Virtual tour of American Museum of National History, please try the following steps
2. click on: Explore: A World of Discovery/AMNH
3. Go to bottom of the page and click image to the left, “Museum View Virtual Tour”
4. Practice moving (navigating) the main image presented
5. When you are ready choose a presentation (a topic for a discussion of evolution as you observe it in the presentation) from the list of images that interests you.
6. Take notes about what you observe/ discover about evolution
7. Describe this experience in about 1 to 2 typed, single spaced pages