No heading is needed, just a title at the top line of the document.

Write a 1-2 paragraph summary of each of the readings preceding the due date of this assignment (ATTACHED) with the addition of two (2) outside sources. Finally, students will turn in a one (1) page reflection about the annotated bibliography. Students should write in an elevated tone for bibliography entries and can adopt a more relaxed (but respectful) tone for the reflection paper. Assignment should be submitted using 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. No heading is needed, just a title at the top line of the document. Guidelines for entries and the reflection page are as follows:
Annotated Bibliography Entry:
1. They Say: describe your source and summarize its main argument, method (if applicable) and contributions to its field (2-3 sentences)
2. I Say: Given the above responses, what do you want to say in response to your source and/or the conversation it is a part of? You may decide to extend, amend, critique or otherwise shift the discussion. (2-3 sentences)
3. We Learn: Who benefits from this contribution—what are the stakes of this reading response for Black television culture and history, potentially alongside an additional community that matters to you? (2-3 sentences)
Reflection on Annotated Bibliography:
1. I Feel: Track your responses as you read the sources. What draws you in and resonates? What seems off or mistaken to you? Do you find yourself admiring, suspicious – record your responses and, treating them as data, write a word or two about why you think you are reacting in this way.
2. I Notice: What are common themes, questions, ideas across the readings? What do they have in common? Are there any stark differences?
3. I Wonder: What are two or three questions that you have after reading these sources? How can you use this information in your own research and/or outside the classroom?
Grading Criteria:
1. Does this include the appropriate amount of entries (including 2 outside sources)? Y/N
2. Does each entry include a citation in APA/MLA/Chicago/etc.? Y/N
3. Does each entry include the reading’s main argument, method, and contributions? Y/N
4. Does the assignment include the one-page reflection? Y/N
5. Does the author provide creative and insightful perspectives regarding the scope of the assignment? Y/N