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NUR 630 Topic 2 DQ 1 • Online Nursing Essays

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Topic 2 DQ 1  

Using the AHRQ “SOPS Surveys” webpage, found in the Topic Materials, select the SOPS survey appropriate for the practice setting in which you work. Complete the survey at your site and discuss how your facility scored. What changes would you recommend based on the survey results? 

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A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NUR 630 Topic 2 DQ 1

Title: NUR 630 Topic 2 DQ 1

Health care organizations must always remain committed to providing optimal care and enhancing safety. However, they cannot achieve these critical outcomes without a comprehensive understanding of their current performance and areas requiring change. As a result, surveying the workplace through Survey on Patient Safety (SOPS) surveys can accurately determine the current performance and serve as a reflection point for practice changes. 

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After completing the survey, my facility scored excellently in three major areas. The first area is the work area where we work together as an effective team, and the staff can handle the assigned tasks comfortably. There is enough staff to handle the workload, which minimizes burnout. Working together improves interprofessional collaboration and fosters shared decision-making (Buljac-Samardzic et al., 2021). The second area is management and leadership since leaders consider staff suggestions for improving patient safety. Leaders also take appropriate actions to address patient safety concerns. The third area is communication, where the staff is encouraged to speak up after identifying something that can affect patient care negatively. Active communication ensures that issues are addressed promptly (Ratna, 2019). Excellence in these areas has been crucial in optimizing patient safety. 

However, some changes are necessary based on the survey results. For instance, underreporting of issues is typical since there are no elaborate mechanisms of what should be reported and not reported. Reporting is a vital component of a just culture and should be encouraged (Paradiso & Sweeny, 2019). Besides, physical and horizontal communication should be encouraged. There should be regular physical meetings between the staff and leaders to evaluate issues comprehensively and suggest evidence-based interventions together. Excellence in three areas and an average score in one area gives approximately 85%. 

Patient safety should be a priority for all health care settings. Surveying the workplace helps to identify inefficiencies that can hamper patient safety. Regardless of the performance, health care settings should continue improving in all aspects. Healthy communication should be maintained, teamwork fostered, and technologies crucial in enhancing patient safety adopted as situations necessitate. 


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