O the form of the company (partnership, corporate, cooperative)

By the end of Week 11, you will be submitting at least 7-8-page final group project report which must be submitted with the correct APA formatting and all sources cited according to APA standards. The report should be comprised of:
· An Introduction and overview of your business selection
· A body that logically and holistically addresses all the questions above.
o Brief desсrіption of the company:
o The name of the company
o The form of the company (partnership, corporate, cooperative)
o The type of the company (what are you producing)
o Mission and vision statements
o Resource planning (factors of production, SIPOC Diagram)
o Organizational structure and management team structure
o Sales forecast, profit projection and ROI calculation (startup cost calculation: all expenses; licenses; insurance; health; WorkSafeBC premiums; taxes)
o Market Plan (4P – price, place, product, promotion)
o SWOT Analysis (consider inputs from sales forecast and marketing analysis)
· A conclusion that, based on what you have learned in the course, speculates on the viability of the idea as an actual business.
· Reference page that lists any external research you may have done to support some of the decisions you have made. You must properly cite any resource that you accessed or used in your report, and your references should follow APA format.