Learning Outcomes:-

Identify different analytical perspectives employed to understand organizations at the Individual, social, and structural levels.
Interpret and apply these multiple perspectives to empirically analyze organizations and the contexts In which they operate.
Draw on different analytical perspectives as the basis for a socially responsible, ideologically aware approach towards organizational problems.
Evaluate knowledge assumptions, including one’s own, and come to recognize their management implications and practical consequences.

What is the topic of interest to the authors? Are they challenging the way the existing political and economic system operates, or are they seeking to improve the performance of organizations within the existing system? What paradigm do these interests best reflect and why?

Who has written the article/who is constructing the argument in the media clip? Who are they affiliated with, and what are their interests/agenda? What paradigm do these interests best reflect and why?

What are the alms of the article/media clip? What does the author/speaker wish to achieve? What paradigm do these aims best reflect and why?

What Issues or aspects of organizations and management does the article/ media clip Ignore, or not engage with? What are the Implications of these blind spots, and why are these blind spots characteristic of the paradigm this article/media clip exemplifies?

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