Part 1 Read chapter 8 of this link (

Part 1
Read chapter 8 of this link ( answer the following questions
1. Describe something you have learned that is now in your procedural memory. Discuss how you learned this information.
2. Based on the structures of long-term memory and what you now know about trying to remember something, explain (using terms and ideas from the chapter) how someone should study for an exam.
3. Of the cognitive biases and errors discussed in the lectures and the book, choose 3 that you have made recently. Explain the bias/error and provide a description of when it occurred for you.
Part 2
Read chapter 14 of this link ( answer the following questions
For the following two questions I want you to think about a time period or an example (or two) of when you were stressed (it does not have to be a catastrophic stressor, daily stressors are fine here too). With that example in mind, please response to the following questions.
1. Of the three theories of stress discussed in the lectures (General Adaptation Syndrome, Stress as a Stimulus, and the Transactional Theory of Stress and Coping) which one do you think most closely aligns with how you appraise and cope with stress? In answering this, be sure to fully explain why you chose this theory and provide the appropriate terms and processes.
2. What are some examples from your own life where you have used emotion-focused coping? What about problem-focused coping?
We’ll leave your stress alone now.
3. Let’s say a good friend or family member comes to you after experiencing a stressful event. Using the Hardiness Theoretical Model and other tactics discussed in this chapter, how might you help them in trying to figure out how to respond to and cope with the stressor?
Only ise the link as a resource and for citation

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Read chapter 8 of this link (
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