Please be detailed and specific.

Before beginning the experiment, hypothesize in a few sentences what you believe the outcome of the experiment will be. Please be detailed and specific. (e.g. I hypothesize that adding x to y will cause z to happen because of a and b that I read in c.)
Complete the experiment you’ve chosen, following the protocols given in the handout (you must read all of the experiment instructions before starting).
Record observations about any changes (or lack of change) you see occurring before, during and after as you conduct your experiment. Observations should be written in full sentences, no matter the presentation. Please be detailed and specific.
State your results in a few sentences, and include at least 2 relevant photos as evidence.
In a few sentences, discuss your results. Was your hypothesis proven correct/incorrect? Provide an explanation as to why the outcome(s) that occurred happened. Refer to material from the Week 1 folder to back your statements. 1B: Color Changing Water (with tea)
You will need:
3 teabags (black tea or green tea)
3 cups of water, boiled
2 tablespoons baking soda
2 tablespoons vinegar or lemon juice
3 small heat resistant cups or bowls (preferrably clear or white)
tape/post it and writing utensil for labeling