1) description of concept (15 points).

1) Description of concept (15 points).
Describe in your own words the meaning of Symbolic Interaction Theory as it applies to social stratification.
Tip: When you have to explain a concept in your own words, it helps to think how you would explain it for example to your mom, your friends, or colleagues. Use your own words and examples instead of copying any existing explanation by others.
2) Application of Concept (15 points).
*Identify three ways in which social stratification is evident in the everyday lives of students on your former or current campus. In each case, explain what is unequal and what difference it makes.
*Do you think individual talent or family background is more important in creating these differences?
The minimum length of a journal is 350 words, or one full page (23 lines, double line spacing, font 12). The maximum length of a journal is 700 words, or two full pages.