Analysis of the time period (1/2 pg.)

Much in the same way that we have analyzed primary source documents in class, you will be analyzing Charles Darwin’s Origen of Species ( Your analysis must include the following elements:
Analysis of the time period (1/2 pg.)
Summarize the social, economic, religious, and political climate during this time, focusing on elements that would influence its writing.
Analysis of the author (1/2 pg.)
Summarize Darwin’s qualifications to write this book, including his research trip and methodology.
Analysis of the document (2 pgs.)
Summarize the thesis (main argument) of the work and the various supporting arguments that Darwin uses. This should be your own critical summary, not a book review or a summary of someone else’s summary. (We can tell the difference.)
You must provide citations documenting your research for the first two sections. The third section should not have footnotes as it should be your own work.
Your essay needs to be typed, double-spaced, use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and conform to the Chicago Style Manual.
You need to proofread and edit your assignment before you submit it.