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Andrew Mental Health Scenario

Andrew Mental Health Scenario



Andrew is a 19-year-old mental health patient who has been in and out of psychiatric treatment for the last four years. Andrew and his parents live in a small town in west Africa where mental health issues are associated with demonic attack and other evil cultural claims. His parents have not been welcoming him home because of his behavior. At times, he behaves violently, which sometimes results in his mother getting hurt. Andrew’s father is usually not home. Andrew often hurts himself by cutting marks on his wrist, and he often runs away from home. The police are tired of the 911 calls he makes every time. Often when he comes from hospital, he is calm for a few days but after that, he becomes aggressive and violent to people. Andrew needs help. You are asked to analyze Andrew’s case and prepare a report.In the report, address the following items

1. Summarize the historical development of public mental health and explain the link between mental illness and other health issues and social concerns.

2. Assess the limits of psychiatric knowledge and evidence to non-Western cultures and describe two common mental illnesses and their interventions.

3. How should Andrew’s parents treat Andrew and at the same time secure their own safety.

4. What recommendations do you have for the community that would change their perception of mental health?

Prepare a 3-4 page report addressing the items above with at least six (6) peer-reviewed references written in APA format. Your references must be peer-reviewed less than five years old.

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