Are they labeled?

You can download the document, fill in your answers and then save it to your computer.
The assignment should be submitted here when
you have completed it.
Part 1: View Tutorial
Go to the following website by copying and pasting it into your browser: (Links to an
external site.)
Scroll down and Select “Start the Tutorial”
You will be scrolling through the slideshow from Introduction to
Conclusion. Please read each slide carefully.
Part 2: Website Evaluation
You will be evaluating a website (that you select) and answering the questions listed below. The words ‘explain’ and ‘discuss’ are used
many times in the questions. Simply listing the points given in the tutorial is not showing that you understand the points. Each point needs an explanatory sentence or two to show that you have engaged with the activity. Please number your answers and include the questions
for your submission.
Since this is one of our first assignments a few points on writing are called for. Some students write a great deal while others barely write at all. The number of words does not always determine the quality of the writing – However, if you want to be eligible for full credit on
assignments you need to answer questions thoroughly. You need to write enough to show engagement, ideas, critical thinking –
demonstrating that you understand.
I encourage you to read the instructions and answer all questions completely. If you want to be
eligible for full credit, please follow the directions and complete the assignment thoroughly
Use the following question list to evaluate a website you are considering using for nutrition or health information or that you found while
browsing the internet. You cannot choose a .gov, .edu, or .org sites as we already know they are reliable. In addition, DO NOT CHOOSE
WebMD, MayoClinic, NutrientData, LiveStrong, EatRight or Medical News etc. Look instead for a site that discusses a topic in nutrition you are interested in. Maybe it is allergies, or heart health, or proteins for muscles or a disease or supplement you want to know about. Make sure it is nutrition related.
Once you have found an interesting site then you may need to ‘back up’ pages till you find the Home Page for that site and do your
reporting based on the overall website (not just an article). If you are unsure if the site you are interested in is an appropriate one then
send me a message. Report your findings with detailed examples for each point on the question list (below) so there will be several
sentences for each point. Then give your opinion of the website based on your findings and conclude with what you have learned from
the video and this activity. Include the URL to the website you evaluate so I can review it. This is the section where I see if you can utilize
the information learned to evaluate a website. Answer each question fully. These are not “Yes” and “No” questions – please answer with a thorough response/explanation. (Please maintain original numbering of questions)
* Question List:
URL for the Website Evaluated (include full url here): ____________________________
1. Who is in charge of the Web site? Discuss.
2. Why are they providing the site/information? Discuss.
3. Can you contact them? How?
4. Where does the money to support the site come from? Discuss. (If you cannot find this information – state how you think the website is funded)
5. Does the site have advertisements? Are they labeled? What are your thoughts about them?
6. Where does the information on the site come from? How can you tell if this information is trustworthy or questionable?
7. How is content selected? Discuss.
8. Do experts review the information that goes on the site? Who are the experts? What are their credentials? Why is it important to have
an editorial or review board?
9. Does the site avoid unbelievable or emotional claims? Discuss.
10. Is the site up-to-date? When was it last updated? Are you comfortable with this date?
11. Does the site ask for your personal information? Explain.
12. Do they tell you how your personal information will be used? Discuss. Are you comfortable with how it will be used? What are some
privacy issues you should consider when navigating a website?
13. Explain how you would use what you learned from the “Evaluating Internet Health Information” tutorial to determine if a social media
page or account (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.…) is providing reliable or unreliable information.
14. What is your opinion of the website you chose based on your findings of this evaluation/checklist?
15. Conclusion: Do you feel that you are a more informed consumer now that you have finished this activity? Discuss. What are two
valuable points you have learned from the tutorial and this activity? Explain.