You must prioritize and plan your time efficiently to manage school, work, and home commitments.

Ethical Issues in Contemporary Culture (
About the Code of Ethics (
Read the first article and choose a situation to discuss.
Now, review the second article, NASW Code of Ethics, then write a one-page paper expressing your ethical views regarding the issue you chose.
Social Workers and Safey (
A Look at Safety in Social Work (
Guidelines for Social Work Safety in the Workplace (NASW) (
Guide for Practicum Students During COVID-19 Pandemic (See attached file)
Read these articles and make a list of 20 safety techniques you will need to practice while you are in field placement. In additional to listing general safety techniques, include a well-developed narrative addressing the safety precautions you will take at your field practicum during COVID-19.
Confidentiality / HIPAA
Revisiting the Limits of Client Confidentiality (
Basic HIPAA Overview (
Read the above article and HIPAA overview. Think of some possible situations you might be presented with, during your field placement, regarding possible HIPAA violations. Write a one-page paper on a situation when you COULD NOT provide information on a client and a situation when you COULD provide information on a client.
Professionalism in Social Work
Using at least two resources, write a one page paper on what professional in social work means to you and how you will become that professional when you graduate.
Using Supervision
The Functions of Supervision (
Read this article. List 5 things you (as a student) can and will do to make sure you get the supervision you need from your field supervisor.
Self Care
Self Care Plan Worksheet (See attached file)
University at Buffalo-The State University of New York School of Social Work’s Self-Care Starter Kit (
Review the various links on the above webpage. Be sure to read the section on Introduction to Self-Care and the section on Developing Your Self-Care Plan. Once you have reviewed the webpage and links, complete the self-care worksheet attachment below.
Develop a well thought out self-care plan as you think about balancing your field placement with school and other responsibilities.
Weekly Plan/Schedule
Submit a detailed weekly plan/schedule for managing your time to your field liaison. This plan/schedule must include your plan for:
field placement hours
work schedule (if applicable)
study time
class time
any other commitments/responsibilities you have
You must prioritize and plan your time efficiently to manage school, work, and home commitments. You are encouraged to map out all of your commitments on this weekly plan to get a realistic sense of managing these responsibilities during your two semester field placement.
Below are is a weekly time management sample plan. Please use this to detail your weekly plan.