ASSIGNMENT Decide what you believe will be the most important problem that Ameri

Decide what you believe will be the most important problem that America will face in the coming decade; then write a persuasive essay supported by research that answers this question:
Why will the problem be bad for America?
**NOTE: You may not write about topics that you used in Essay #1 or 2, nor about any of the “big” topics that do not work in such brief essays: Abortion, Death Penalty, Gun Control, Euthanasia, Drug Legalization, Animal Rights, Coronavirus (too obvious), or Global Warming (too big). (However, you can pick a component of one of these, like rising sea levels rather than Global Warming).
1] Length: The essay must follow the outline described in the Essay #3 lectures, which includes a two-paragraph Introduction, 3 paragraphs presenting points for your side, an Opposition paragraph, a Response to the Opposition paragraph (a Refutation), and a Conclusion (8 paragraphs total).
1-5] Sources: You must quote from a minimum of 5 different outside sources–at least one quotation from each. (You may, of course, quote from more than the required 5.)
6] Databases: All of your 5 required outside sources must come from the database archive accessed through the HCC Library homepage. (If you use more than 5 outside sources, the extra sources can come from anywhere you choose.)
7] Paraphrasing: **You may not paraphrase any of your quotations, required or otherwise.
8-10] The 3 Forms: You must use the three forms of quoting material (Sentence-Style, Incorporated-Style, and Block-Style) at least once each in your essay.
Your entire paper must be in the MLA format. This means:
1] Appearance: the appearance of the pages must be in the MLA format
*Do not include a Title Page,
2] In-Text Citations: the in-text citations must be in the MLA format, and
3] Works Cited page: the Works Cited page must be in the MLA format.
4] The first line of every paragraph must be indented 1 Tab.
(You must use the MLA Style Guidelines found on the Purdue Owl web page for all of the formatting.)
Remember, in an argument, you are attempting to persuade people who would normally disagree with you and your beliefs, so religious arguments cannot convince people who are of another faith. I will consider them as being off-topic when grading this assignment.
**Do not ignore the basic components of an argument that you have practiced in Essays #1 & 2. The research should really be no more than 10-15% of the total essay.

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