Case Study

COU101 Trimester 2 2022
Assessment 1
Case Study 1
You have started working as a counsellor for a counselling organisation. On your third day of
working, your manager allocates to you a 30-year-old female client, Millie, whose
presenting concerns are about trying to have contact with other people. Millie tells you that
she has no friends and finds it difficult to relate to others of her own age. She tells you that
lives alone where she feels safe but is unhappy. Her work is administrative and is all online
so she does not meet people as she would in an office. Millie identifies that meeting people
is one goal for counselling and a second goal is finding a romantic partner. She has not had a
relationship since she was 25. Millie tells you that she feels very young, as she did when she
was 20 and so she feels she is more suited romantically to someone around 15 years old.
She tells you she finds both males and females of that age attractive and thinks she would
have more in common with them than someone closer to her age.
Case Study 2
Andrea is a counsellor working with clients who suffer from anxiety and depression. Andrea
has been working with Zac for 5 months since he was referred to her by his General
Practitioner for help to manage his anxiety and depression. Zac has been progressing well
and says he is starting to feel better from counselling with Andrea. On his next session Zac
asks if he can take Andrea out for coffee to thank her for working with him. Andrea is aware
that client- counsellor boundaries must be upheld but believes that having a coffee with Zac
would be ok.

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