Digital Skills and Professional Development Assignment, AU, UK

Discuss/define digital skills, various types of digital skills and digital development in recent years and explain the continuing industrial advancement. Please provide appropriate examples. Comment on social changes emerging from this development and why it is important to develop digital skills to demonstrate professional competency within an organisation.

Question 2

Briefly introduce/discuss management and leadership (skills) in 1-2 paragraphs ( 500-600 words). Supported by theoretical underpinning, discuss the terms/concepts of management and leadership and compare and contrast them as well. Evaluate effective leadership and management styles, characteristics and, applying theory, consider methods of management and leadership development.

2.2 The Professional Development Plan

Note: Please switch to a reflective writing style for this section therefore, your PDP must be written in first person. 

To develop your PDP, you must reflect upon your current levels of personal, transferable and digital skills anddemonstrate how youfacilitate an increased level of skill attainment to work effectively and successfully in the contemporary workplace.
The PDP can be developed using a personal skills audit and a personal SWOT. From this, you can then create your PDP.
Within your PDP include examples and evidence that demonstrate advanced learning methods, learning resources, learning timescales, expected outcomes and any necessary communications that may support your learning and development.
You could use one or more of the models of reflection that are considered in the lessons and are summarised in lesson 10 to help you reflect in more detail.
You could also include discussion relating to your learning style, supported by theory and the practical examples you may have completed as part of the lesson activities.
Your PDP should be included in the main body as a part of the question 02; therefore, words that comprise your PDP are included in the word count. However, the final word count excludes the appendices, and skills audit and SWOT analysis can be placed in the appendices. Therefore, they will not be part of the word count. Your module tutor will provide more guidance on this.

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