ECONOMIST SPECIAL REPORT REVIEWS: Students should individually provide reviews

ECONOMIST SPECIAL REPORT REVIEWS: Students should individually provide reviews of the articles
associated with 5 special reports from the Economist, dated no earlier than 1/1/2018, without prior approval, that
clearly focus on international topics (avoid special reports devoted to U.S. topics) with business implications.
You can either access the hard copies of the Economist in the library, or follow the procedure at:
Please note that this process is somewhat cumbersome. Instead, you can use the articles that are provided in the
Canvas Module as alternatives. You may also find some older special report PDFs with a Google search of the
complete special report title. REMEMBER THAT YOU MUST REVIEW SPECIAL REPORTS (each
usually contains 5-9 articles on the subject), NOT JUST REGULAR ECONOMIST ARTICLES. Please
attempt to limit the submission to 25 double-spaced pages, but I realize that the length of the special reports
varies. Most importantly, be thorough and complete. You should first provide the complete title and date of the
special report. Then, use the summary article that always begins a special report as the basis for a brief
introduction to your review of the special report. Next, you should: 1) in your own words, summarize the
essential points of each of the articles associated with the special report (Reliance only on the summary article
at the beginning of the special report will result in a score of unsatisfactory for the assignment.), and 2) at
the end of the review of the articles, discuss the implications of those essential points from the articles, including
a thorough and thoughtful assessment of the implications of the topic and associated issues addresses in the
articles for doing business, particularly as related to issues and concepts from class materials. This summary
must be well done in order to receive credit for the assignment. Similarly, if the article is one of the
provided acceptable non-Economist articles, you should 1) review the article, and 2) relate its consequences
regarding course materials. It is advisable to review your class notes thoroughly for this purpose for any type of
All five reviews should be put in one Microsoft Word file. Please identify the full title and date of each special
report, and number each report review sequentially, e.g., #1, #2, #3, etc., within the document. Also, label each
of the articles within a report review by letter, e.g., a, b, c., etc. For example, the review of the second article in
the first special report review should be labeled “#1b.”

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