For this assignment, you must submit an MS Word document that is 3-5 pages in le

For this assignment, you must submit an MS Word document that is 3-5 pages in length using double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. The 3-5 pages will not include the cover page, abstract (which is optional), or reference list. You must also include an MS Visio diagram (.vsdx format) of the proposed network for the company and use the networking shapes found in MS Visio. Please note that the MS Visio file (.vsdx format) must be submitted separately. If you wish, you may incorporate the MS Visio diagram into your MS Word document, but a separate MS Visio file (.vsdx format) must still be submitted. If incorporated into the MS Word document, the diagram will not count toward the page count. Although there is no set budget for this assignment, remember it is a small business we are working for and they do not have unlimited resources. Another aspect of the assignment you need to be cognizant of is the proportion each criteria of the assignment is worth towards the final grade. For example, both the Hardware and Software criteria are worth 15% of the overall grade and should be given equal weight. Important: do not use a list format in any part of your paper. Please write in complete sentences and in paragraph format.
When writing your papers, please use the rubric as a guide for including the necessary criteria for the assignment. First, include an introduction for the purpose of the technical requirements document you are writing based on information found in the assignment prompt. Also, include a conclusion to wrap up your assessment of the systems proposed.
When describing the necessary hardware components, keep in mind you have three employees to provide systems for. Each employee has a different job role and should therefore have a different system with various levels of capabilities. Unlike the Week Two assignment, you should select preconfigured systems (laptops or desktops). However, you must still identify the components in these systems (CPU, GPU, memory, storage, etc.) and why these components were selected based on the employee’s role. You must also include the peripherals each system will need (mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc.). You do not need to go into the same level of detail as the Week Two assignment.
Next is the software to be used on each system. Again, remember there are three different employees with different roles and responsibilities. Obviously, an operating system needs to be included, but as this is an office environment, productivity software is also required (MS Office, Adobe, etc.) as well as email and a browser. Since this is a tax firm, professional tax preparation software needs to be included. Please conduct some basic research on this software. When considering hardware and software, there may be some overlap in what is installed on each system. Please do not be repetitive, but be sure to identify the components of each system.
You also need to describe a basic network configuration this company would require. This means you must identify the networking components and why they were chosen for this company. You also need to describe how those networking components will connect across the company’s network. For Security, you need to identify some of the hardware, software, and personnel security methods you would recommend they employ. For all of the components (hardware, software, networking, and security), you must clearly identify the purpose each component serves. You do not need to be repetitive when describing the purpose of the components. If a component is in multiple systems, you only need to describe that component’s purpose once and which systems it is in.
Possibly the most difficult criteria for this assignment is explaining how your knowledge of HCI influenced your decisions for selecting the components that were chosen. Please do not write something like “I used HCI to select this component” as that will only demonstrate that HCI was not used in the components selection. Think about why a certain mouse or keyboard or monitor was selected as these components directly impact the user’s interactions with the computer.
Finally, do not forget to include references. If it is not common knowledge, you must include a reference for it.

The post For this assignment, you must submit an MS Word document that is 3-5 pages in le first appeared on Elite Writers.

The post For this assignment, you must submit an MS Word document that is 3-5 pages in le appeared first on Elite Writers.


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