Health care ethics and medical law, health and medicine homework help


Jurors (ALL): Research the case, as well as the legal and ethical standards surrounding the issues from both sides. Argue for your decision; to rule either in favor of the Plaintiff or Defendant. You will present your decision in a 5-minute video explaining the rationale behind your decision. Post the link to your video in the discussion forum along with your reference list by Day 5 (SATURDAY). Case #3: Public Hospital Corrects Impermissible Disclosure of PHI in Response to a Subpoena Covered Entity: General Hospital Issue: Impermissible Uses and Disclosures Plaintiff: Jennifer Defendant: AU Hospital AU Hospital, a public hospital, in response to a subpoena (not accompanied by a court order), impermissibly disclosed the protected health information (PHI) of one of its patients (Jennifer). Contrary to the Privacy Rule protections for information sought for administrative or judicial proceedings, the hospital failed to determine that reasonable efforts had been made to insure that the individual whose PHI was being sought received notice of the request and/or failed to receive satisfactory assurance that the party seeking the information made reasonable efforts to secure a qualified protective order

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