How many calories per day would you recommend for them?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical project and need support to help me learn.TASK 1- SELECT AN ATHLETEPlease choose one of the following fictional athletes that you would like to work with on this project. Each athlete has special considerations that you will need to account for when developing your plan. You will need to tell me which athlete you are consulting with at the beginning of your project write-up.Athlete 1 Name: Callie LinAge: 27Sex: FemaleHeight: 5’9”Weight: 145 lbsSport: CyclingSpecial Consideration: Vegan dietUpcoming Event and/or Personal Goal: Belgian Waffle Ride (132 mile ride)Competition Time: 7:30 AMAthlete 2 Name: Yousif AliAge: 19Sex: MaleHeight: 5’7”Weight: 153 lbsSport: WrestlingSpecial Consideration: Lactose intolerant, avoids glutenUpcoming Event and/or Personal Goal: Needs to drop 4 pounds in 1 month to enter into 149 lb weight class competitionCompetition Time: 2:30 PMAthlete 3 Name: Reina Samson Age: 17Sex: FemaleHeight: 5’2”Weight: 145 lbsSport: GymnasticsSpecial Consideration: Bulimia Nervosa, iron deficientUpcoming Event and/or Personal Goal: Recruitment to UCLA gymnastics teamTry-Out Time: 11:00 AMTASK 2- INITIAL CONSULTINGPlease answer the following question:Would you recommend that this athlete lose, gain, or maintain their current weight?Please provide a brief rationale for this decision, including what their BMI is.
How many calories per day would you recommend for them?Please provide a brief rationale for this decision.
What type of dietary plan will you use? (i.e., high carb, moderate protein, low fat); high fat, low carb; etc)Include the AMDR % (i.e. __% carbs, __% lipids, __% protein)
Please provide a brief rationale for this decision.
What is some advice that you would give to your athlete regarding micronutrients?
What advise would you give your athlete regarding nutrient timing on competition days?
Would you advise that the athlete consumer a particular supplement or other nutritional aide?Please provide a brief rationale for this decision.
What would you advise for your athlete if they need to train or compete in warm weather conditions?
TASK 3- EXAMPLE MEAL PLANSNow that you have determined nutritional goals for your athlete, it is time to develop a meal plan. Please provide 2 sample daily meal plans. One of the meal plans should reflect a training day, and the other plan should reflect a competition day. The meal plans need to align with the recommendations provided in Task 2. The 2 meal plans should be in a table format and should include:Name of food or beverage (including water)
Serving size and number of servings
Carbohydrate value
Protein value
Fat value
Competition day should also include time that meal is consumed
TASK 4- REFLECTIONAnswer the following reflections questions:Which parts were easier for you to develop?
What were some challenges that you faced while creating your nutrition plans? How did you overcome those challenges?
How has this project emphasized to you the importance of sport nutrition professionals for athletes?
Project TemplateThe following template has been created to better guide you in completing the project. It is recommended, not required, that you use this template.

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