THE topic is SBI ( screening and breif interventions) Its supposoe to be bewtween adolescent and healthcare Professional to screen a young pt. for substance use. refer to the two websites above
Complete Kognito Change Talk Educational Program as above, and then practice a change talk scenario with a partner: either another student, coworker, family member or a friend. Best thing to do is ask someone what they would like to change this year (exercise more, lose weight, meditate, stop xyz, etc). Let the partner think about it, then use SBIRT.
CAR #1 questions:
1. Describe the usefulness of the Kognito Change Talk Educational Program in facilitating your understanding of the communication techniques. (Please give a specific example)
2. Describe the usefulness of the person to person practice in helping you to engage with this content. (Please give a specific example).
3. Provide a specific recommendation for your personal improvement in the communication techniques used in the scenarios.
4. Describe the usefulness of MI/SBIRT in your clinical setting. Please give an example of your attempt to use the communication techniques in your personal or professional communications.
Keep the CAR between 250 and 500 words, or one page (double spaced) for text submissions, a

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