Impact of Globalisation on the Future of Work (Module 3).

Topic: Impact of Globalisation on the Future of Work (Module 3). Question 2: ‘Technology is solving some of the world’s problems’, e.g., the introduction of tele-health or tele-medicine in developing countries. First, briefly discuss how globalisation is set to further shape the future of work. Then, choose an industry/organisation (it can be Australian or international) that interests you and examine how that industry/organisation has been impacted by globalisation. Finally, identify and explain one (1) positive and one (1) negative implication that globalisation has for your chosen industry/organisation. Introduction (approx 100 words) • Introduce what you will be doing in this paper (brief overview of focus of report – i.e. that you will be discussing this topic and providing recommendations/solutions to a workplace problem) • Briefly justify the importance/significance of this paper (why it is important for organisations, employees, society, etc.) Response to essay topic (approx 400 words): • Here, you will need to draw on current research from a minimum of three scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles (published in the last three years). Students are encouraged to read and use many more so as to inform their knowledge on the topic • In this section students, need to effectively demonstrate their knowledge of the topic and their ability to critically analyse the topic being investigated. This section goes beyond simple summary and description and requires an analytical approach to the problem/s or issue/s, indicating that you have understood the problem/s or issue/s and can make useful links between theory and practice. Be sure to introduce and define any key terms used in relation to the group you are focusing on and the topic/issue/ideas/concepts • Using evidence from the research (scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles) you have undertaken you will need to discuss things such as: • What the problem actually is • The size or scale of the problem • The costs/issues associated with the problem • Justify why is it a problem that needs to be addressed in relation to the future of work • For tips on researching please visit the GBS Guide to Researching Option 1 Recommendations/ Option 2 The negative and positive aspects (approx 400 words): Option 1: (approx 400 words) • Reflecting on the issues you wrote about relating to your essay question, in your own words, provide two to three well-considered solutions/recommendations for how you might solve the major issues you have raised in your response to your chosen topic • To demonstrate your critical thinking skills, the recommendations or solutions should be theoretically relevant and practically viable and it should be clear how you have arrived at these recommendations based on the research you have undertaken in your response to the essay topic (i.e. the recommendation should link effectively to the discussion you had in the previous section and should not appear random or unrelated) • Each recommendation should also be accompanied with a justification of its importance or significance Summary (approx 100 words): • End the paper by briefly summarising the key points raised in the paper • The reader should be left with a brief reminder of the issues raised, their importance and that you have raised viable recommendations • Please note that no new ideas or literature should be added in the summary Reference list: • The report should be supported using in-text citations and a reference list containing a minimum of three contemporary academic peer-refereed journal articles (published within the last three years). Students are encouraged to read and use many more so as to inform their knowledge on the topic • Students should consistently apply either the APA or Harvard referencing system • Please note that the reference list does not contribute towards the word count

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