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Internally Consistent Job Structures

7-1 Final Project Submission


The final version of the entire project is due at the end of this module. This version will include revisions based on feedback from your instructor to Section 1: Internally Consistent Job Structures and Section 2: External Competiveness, as well as a preface and summary.

Compensation Issues Around the World, Part II (Pay and Benefits Outside the United States)

With the rapidly expanding global economy, many companies are conducting business outside of the United States, which now requires the attention of compensation professionals. In Module Six, we reviewed the principles and practices of expatriate compensation and employee benefits in addition to a review of compensation and benefits in different countries around the world.

In Module Seven, we continue to analyze the challenges associated with managing compensation and benefits in various countries around the globe. Specifically, we will discuss the differences in pay and benefits between the United States and countries around the world, including a review of the minimum wage rates among various countries.

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