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Attribute Task High Distinction (80-100) Distinctio (70-79) Credit (60-69) Pass (50-59) Fail (0-49) Students embark on Identify.. key concepts within the task (clinical c 611 060 key concepts D Most key concepts and c Some key concepts a Limited identification of :-.. Key concepts from the task inquiry and scenario), and determine and issues issues are identified but in key concepts not addressed find needed Information. knowledge required to complete task. are Identified identified u Appropriate a limited capacity [7 Response to a Response to task mostly , Response to task irrelevant Student acquires two c Appropriate response to task contains irrelevant ..T. The acquired (2) appropriate articles response to task some o The acquired article is for the task and uses the article supplied for the task c The acquired a The acquired article is related irrelevancies o The acquired article in parts is slightly related to unrelated to the topic topic. article is clearly to the topic article is the topic 7. Has not used Total: 20 marks related to the topic a Has used the prescribed marginally related to the a Has used the prescribed the prescribed article c Has used the prescribed article topic .-, Has used the article 0-9 marks article 1.20 marks 14-15 ma. prescribed article 12-13 ma. 10-11 ma. Students Evidence of high-level c Each source a Most of the c A .w of the n One or two of c None of the appraise understanding of article. article author’s source article source article the source source article information. Annotations are consistent with article original ideas are represented well author’s original ideas are author’s original ideas article author’s original ideas author’s original ideas content and articulated c Ideas are represented are are represented are in students own words. articulated in own words a Ideas are mostly articulated in represented c Some ideas are a Most other ideas and represented c Ideas and own words with articulated in own sentences area sentences are one or two copied directly words, some have been copied copied directly from article copied directly from arti cle/ Total: 30 marks 24-30 marks from the article 21-23 marks directly from the article 18-20 ma. 15-27 ma. unrelated to article 0-14 marks
NURBN1015 Assessment 2a — Annotated Bibliography— Marking Guide
High Distinction (80-100)
Distinct. (70779)
Credit (60-69)
Pass (50-59)
Fall (0-49)
Students organise information and synthesised appropriately.
The annotation mu. include: 1. Full citation of the journal article; 2. General statement of author’s purpose for writing; 3. Short summary of the content; 4. An evaluation of the content; 5. Reflection on the usefulness of the source
Total: 30 marks
c Annotation includes all five elernents c Excellent ability to paraphrase ideas c Sentence structure and expression are clear and concise
24-30 marics
c Annotation includes only four of the five elements a Good ability to paraphrase ideas Sentence structure and expression are mainly clear and concise
21-23 ma.
c Annotation includes three of the five elements c Reasonable ability to paraphrase ideas c Sentence structure and expression are rnostly clear and concise
18-20 marks
c Annotation includes two of the five elements a Paraphrasing skills require development to avoid plagiarism a Sentence structure and expression rnostly clear but wordy 15-17 ma.
c Annotation has no clear structure and does not include any of the required elements c Excessive use of quotations c Plagiarism evident c Considerable sentence structure errors 0-14 marks
Students communicate knowledge with ethical, social and cultural awareness, and with academic integrity.
Appropriate use of academic language; accurate spelling, gratilrflar, punctuation; and correct acknowledgement of articles using APA 7th style. Total: 20 marks
Overall grade:
c Consistent use of academic language used throughout c No errors in spelling, grammar, Or punctuation c All articles are acknowledge
c Correct APA 7th referencing 1.20 marks
a Academic language used a One or two errors in spelling, graMMar, Or punctuation All articles are acknowledge
o Correct APA referencing 14-15 marks
c Mainly acadernic language used c Few errors in spelling, graITIMar, Or punctuation All articles are acknowledge . Mostly correct APA referencing
12-13 marks
o Mostly lay language used a Several errors in spelling, graMMar, Or punctuation a Partial acknowledgerne nt of articles a Attempted use of APA 7th referencing 10-11 ma.
c Lay language used c Substantial errors in spelling, grammar, Or punctuation c Incorrect acknowledgeme nt of articles c Referencing does not conform to APA 7th referencing 0-9 marks

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