(lecture 2, slide 5)

Quiz Policies: When writing your quiz answers, all your answers must be based off of course material (readings, lectures, videos, links) and must be cited. Simple parenthetical citations are acceptable—include the title of the source and then the slide number for lectures or the page number for readings. It is unnecessary to do time stamps for recordings or videos. Here are two examples:
(Lecture 2, Slide 5)
(Mobituaries Podcast)
(Farming in Ancient Mesopotamia, 9)
Individual Work: All of your writing must be your own; do not directly copy, even from course materials. Put ideas into your own words and cite where appropriate. The quiz is strictly individual work and is not collaborative. Sharing essay ideas or writing is a form of plagiarism.
Length: When questions ask for 1 paragraph, remember that a paragraph is 5-7 sentences. If a question asks for 1 page, writing half a page does not count.
Make thorough use of sources: Don’t rely on a single source to support one of your exam questions when several sources class are relevant to the question–over reliance on a source can result in a reduced grade.
1.) In 2-3 paragraphs, explain how humans’ physical advantages helped them become a successful species.
2.) In 2-3 paragraphs, discuss the Neanderthals. Who were they? What were their characteristics? In what ways did the Neanderthals not fit the Hollywood “cave man” stereotype? What happened to the Neanderthals?
3.) In 2-3 paragraphs, define and explain the significance of the lifestyle known as nomadic pastoralism. What makes naomadic pastoralists different than sedentary farmers? What impact have nomadic pastoralists had on history?
4.) In 2-3 paragraphs, explain the techniques and technologies used by Mesopotamian farmers, and how their methods changed over time. Make sure to use the assigned reading to help you.