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The 5 multiple choice reading questions based on the following reading: (Links to an external site.)
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Chapter 6: Section V and Chapter 7: Section II in American Yawp
Chapter 11: sections I-III in American Yawp
Students will compose 5 multiple choice questions based on the information from the weekly reading. Questions should be multiple choice with 4 possible answers, no more and no less, and those questions should be based only on the material in the chapters found in the textbook. As part of this, students must identify the correct answer by highlighting it and they must provide a citation, including the chapter, paragraph, and page number where they found the information to write the question. Your questions MUST reflect content from the entirety of each chapter, you should have no more than one question that asks about dates, and your questions must be appropriately numbered. Should you fail to adhere to these requirements, your grade will be reduced

6. A New Nation

7. The Early Republic

11. The Cotton Revolution