memo. Nicke case study. The instructions are a lot however the assignment is fairly short.

Nike’s Successes: This assignment provides you with an opportunity to strengthen your writing skills and form an opinion of why Nike has been so successful. You will demonstrate your understanding of knowledge of business theories, concepts, and principles to conduct a critical analysis of business practice. Preparation for the Assignment: This writing assignment solicits your opinion on factors contributing to Nike’s success. Paper Format: The paper should be in memo format. Read the How to Write an Effective Memo document. Please single-space (1.15 spacing), use Times New Roman or Arial font, 12 point font size. Your memo should have separate sections for the introduction, conclusion and each of the two areas of success factors you are writing about, with subheadings for each section. Well written, full sentences with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation are required. The memo should be submitted as a .pdf via Canvas. Paper Grading: To better understand specific expectations, please see the Nike Case Study Grading Rubric.pdf grading rubric for evaluation criteria. It can also be found in Canvas Files in the Grading Rubrics folder. Scenario You’re one of the fortunate college students selected to participate in Nike’s summer internship program. The program is quite competitive, and you still can’t believe that you were chosen. You arrived in Beaverton, Oregon, yesterday morning and have been busy ever since. Last night, you attended a dinner for new interns where you were welcomed to Nike by Phil Knight (founder of Nike) and then presented with a pair of customized Rider branded shoes in your perfect size. You were lucky to be sitting next to a personable, well-informed Nike veteran named Mitzi Yonezawa. Mitzi joined Nike about eight years ago. She was telling you about past assignments she had with Major League Baseball, and as a brand manager at Nike with assignments in Japan, leading up to her current role as the Brand Director for one of Nike’s key mantras, PURPOSE. (You were impressed with Mitzi’s status at Nike, not just because she doesn’t look much older than you, but because you’ve always wanted to travel to Japan.) The dinner conversation turned to a discussion of the reasons for Nike’s success. Others at the table were giving their opinions on the subject when Mitzi turned to you and said, “As a new intern, give us an outsider’s point of view. Why do you think Nike’s been so successful?” You were about to venture an opinion when Mitzi was called away for a phone call. As she got up, however, she quickly said, “Send me a memo telling me what factors you think have contributed to Nike’s success. Keep it simple. Two factors are plenty.” Although you were relieved to have a little time to think about your answer, you were also a little nervous about the prospect of writing your first official memo. As everyone else headed for the Bo Jackson gym, you went back to your room to think about Mitzi’s question and to figure out how to go about writing your memo. You want to be sure to start by telling Mitzi that you enjoyed talking with her. You also need to remind her that you’re responding to her question about two factors in Nike’s success, and you must be sure to explain why you believe they’re important. You’ll end by saying that you hope the information is helpful and that she can contact you (by email) if she has any further questions. So far, so good, but you’re still faced with the toughest part of your task—identifying the two factors that you deem important to Nike’s success. Fortunately, even at Nike there’s always tomorrow to get something done, so you decide to sleep on it and write your memo in the morning.

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