Mini-paper must contain the following elements:

Write a critique of at least one of the scholars we have discussed in class. If you feel as if there is some fault in their reasoning, or if their thinking is out of date or perhaps incomplete in some way, then this is good chance to pose an “intervention” into their theory. Make sure you are clear about what you are critiquing about their thinking, and how a different example, or a different framework, might push their ideas in a better direction.
Mini-Paper must contain the following elements:
An Introduction, where you introduce the topic of your paper. In your introduction, please make sure you have a THESIS STATEMENT, where you clearly state your argument. An organized Body where you develop your argument with examples from the texts you have selected. A Conclusion where you explain the relevance and interest of your topic and analysis in the general discussion about Globalization and Global Media. Why is it important to examine Culture in a class about global media? Why is it interesting to examine a specific K-Pop song or artist? *READ THE ATTATCHED PDF AND CRITUQUE THE SCHOLAR