*My organization is on the Love Myself campaign.You have chosen the organizatio

*My organization is on the Love Myself campaign.
You have chosen the organization, program or policy for your case story because you believe that the entity is successful at addressing a social problem. In this assignment, you are going to provide arguments to support that assessment.
There are two kinds of success to be assessed in this paper:
Donileen Loseke, in Thinking About Social Problems, talks about successful social problems claims. This means that a person, project, organization or government policymaker has convinced others that their construction of the problem is worth time, money and effort of others. The claim has been heard and to some extent heeded.
We are going to add to this idea and suggest that once the claim has led to some time, money and effort to address the constructed problem, there is also an effort to demonstrate success. In the same way that claims are constructed, a measure of success is constructed and formulated into a social change claim.
Your assignment is to write a persuasive paper that shows how your organization successfully achieved both these constructions
Requirements of Success Assessment Paper
Your paper should be at minimum 6 paragraphs long:
Introduce the successes of your case story, describing the social problems claims and the social change claims made.
Summarize competing claims. This can include other related social problems claims and other social change claims that addressing the same set of social problems.
Outline arguments for these successes. (See below for understanding arguments)
Argument number 1
Argument number 2 (Can add more paragraphs for arguments number 3, 4… as needed or desired)
Conclude with any potential reservations or criticisms about the case story’s success and speculate on how things may change in the future.

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