NB: Read Business Prostectus and Business Plan (link in files) before answering

NB: Read Business Prostectus and Business Plan (link in files) before answering to Assignment.
Business Prostectus
What’s the purpose of a prospectus?
The purpose of a business prospectus is to secure support for a planned product or service. You would use a business prospectus to showcase information necessary for investors to determine whether they want to fund your venture. Mission statements, market analyses, and financial projections are all basic components of a prospectus–your goal, as a businessperson seeking funding, is to ensure that potential investors will find these components persuasive.
…of prospectus overall–be sure to focus on the things mentioned in the text and consider what kind of info your audience would be most interested in (i.e. what would compel them to read on?)
Mission and objectives
Company and industry
Products or services
Market and competition
This relates to your specific target market, NOT the overall industry in which your business falls–sometimes you’ll find these terms used interchangeably, but please don’t do that in here)
Marketing strategy
Read the section description carefully–there is information that is often overlooked here (i.e., sales and market share projections)
Design and development plans
For our purposes, this can relate to a product OR a service, e.g., you can describe the set up of your restaurant.
Overall schedule
NOTE: this is about “important milestones…” NOT daily operations or anything like that.
Critical risks and problems
Go beyond just the obvious day-to-day challenges of running a business like yours.
Financial projections and requirements
Effective presentation choices make a big difference here–typically, presenting this information in sentence/paragraph form is not effective (at least for most of it).
Conclusion/Exit Strategy
Remember, though your audience is certainly interested in your business, in the end, they are most interested in the investment opportunity itself.
Research Requirement
Your prospectus should include at least 5 sources. The sources you select need to support the claims you are making in the Company and industry, Market and competition, Financial projections and requirements and perhaps the Critical Risks/Problems sections.
Read Business prospectus and Business Plan before: uploded in files.
For this peer review discussion, your initial post will be an “annotated bibliography” relating to your Business Prospectus (Uploaded to files). Review that assignment description and then write a discussion post in which you list at least 5 sources you plan to use in your report. Each source should be presented in APA style. Below each source insert an annotation in which you explain the following (please include headings for each item):
The overall main idea of the source.
How/why the source will be useful for your prospectus.
In which section(s) of the prospectus is the source likely to be referenced.
NOTE: A file upload is fine as long as it’s in .doc or .pdf format.

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