need to write a reflective essay

You are to consider the tools used in this unit (Johari window, MBTI, TA and DISC) and reflect how they have helped you to reflect on your own attitudes and behaviours in terms of conflict and communication. You need to provide at least one solid example of an experience in which you managed conflict using your personal understanding of the models. You can identify in your reflection the tools that helped most to identify your areas of concern and what you have learned about yourself. Please use the reflection sheets attached to this unit outline and make this the appendix of your essay

I think, the best thing is to get an idea of those tools first. After that need to write a Reflective Essay according to the above. The essay should be relavant please. And also this is a turnitin report. Referencing style is hardvard. Word count should be 1500. Please have a look the attached rubric as well. Please use that reflection sheet too.

Thank you

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