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sociologyResearch (or ideally, READ) the book “McDonaldization of Society”written by George Ritzer, first edition in 1993. Look for a youtubevideo of a lecture or interview with George Ritzer.Address the following in your essay:1. In 2-3 paragraphs, summarize the main points in “McDonaldization of Society.”
2. What is McDonaldization? What are some examples of McDonaldizationgiven in the book?
3. What are some of the advantages of McDonaldization? Discussefficiency, calculability, predictability, and control.
4. What is rationality and how does it relate to Ritzer’s argument?
5. Do you think the advantages of McDonaldization outweigh thedisadvantages? Explain.
6. Summarize a youtube video you watched of George Ritzer.
7. Research Max Weber’s view of bureaucracy (including pages 72-73 inour book). How is it similar/different to Ritzer’s use ofMcDonaldization?
8. List five (5) ways in your daily life that you could resist McDonaldization.NB:Please take you time and respond to the questions carefully. Thesecustomers are very strict. Like now the other paper that you did foragriculture has been disputed also. If you feel that the instructionsare not clear or if you require any assistance just tell me and i canhelp by giving you some tips on how to answer. Thank You
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