Option E: Theism and Atheism Write an essay that answers EACH of the following t

Option E: Theism and Atheism
Write an essay that answers EACH of the following three questions, and defend each answer with an argument. Make sure that ALL of your answers and arguments together form a single, logically consistent view. Your answers to the first and third questions should not contradict each other in any way, and your response to the objection/counterargument of Question Two should also be consistent with those first and third answers, although the objection/counterargument itself, by definition, must contradict your answer to Question One in some way.
Question One: Are there any logically strong arguments to support believing in a god or gods, or to support believing that no gods exist at all?
If yes, then provide at least one such argument (this might be an argument for one specific god or an argument supporting the idea of god more generally), and if no, then present a plausible explanation as to why there are no such arguments (that is, explain why the arguments people have attempted to provide supporting such a belief have been flawed).
Question Two: What counterarguments/objections are there to the answers you have just given to Question One, and how can advocates of YOUR position respond to these counterarguments/objections?
You are only required to provide one counterargument/objection and response for this section, though you may wish to provide more than one, in which case your grade will be determined by the BEST counterargument and response pair. The counterargument/objection, obviously, must in some way contradict, attack, or challenge your answer to Question One, but your response to that counterargument/objection must DEFEND your answer to Question One.
Question Three: What are some likely reasons for the widespread and persistent belief in some kind of theism among human beings?
Be extra careful that your explanation does NOT contradict your answers to the previous questions. If the explanation you give here would weaken or contradict your answers to Question One or your response to the counterargument/objection, that will be a serious problem. Only one explanation is required, but you may, if you wish, present more than one.

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Write an essay that answers EACH of the following t
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