Part 2 –Draft Paper Submission Submit your News Article reflecting ethical conce

Part 2 –Draft Paper Submission
Submit your News Article reflecting ethical concerns that are happening in the news. This article will need to be written within the last 6 months. (graded – 10 points)
You will be able to choose one of the approved News Article to write a paper on. You will submit a draft of your paper for peer review. The more information you provide in your paper the better the feedback will be. (grade – 40 points)
Every individual will provide 3-4 peer reviews of their classmates. This will need to be completed and your feedback needs to be constructive. (graded – 30 points)
You will rewrite your draft given the feedback that was provided. From there you will resubmit it and have your students grade the paper again. (graded – 50 points)
Criteria for Success: Please use the following structure for the paper (include these as headers in your paper, in bold). Each section should be well-developed discussions. Keep in mind, the more complete your draft paper is the better feedback you will get from your peer reviewers.
Introduction. (~1 page)
Provide an overview of the article and demonstrate an understanding of why it is an ethical issue.
Discuss other examples (~2 pages)
Investigate what may cause an individual/organization to participate in this unethical act? Understand the humanity of the situation. Is money involved? Is clout important?
Provide a brief history of some of the main ethical violations in your readings (and in your own words).
Include a brief discussion on some of the major historical events which prompted laws to be created to prevent this from occurring.
Stakeholders (~1 pages)
Identify who is being affected by these ethical choices and how. Discuss the affects will have on each of them and be specific.
Conclusion (~ 1/2 page)
What are your final thoughts on the topics?
Wrap up the paper appropriately addressing the original violations/ethical dilemma, why they matter, how they can be avoided.
There is a minimum requirement of 4 references outside of the original News Article and the textbook.
The papers should be submitted as a word document attachment, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, with one-inch margins on all sides.
Your draft paper should be at least 2-3 pages. Please note, your final paper will be 4-5 pages, not including references or title pages.
Include bolded headers that are outlined above.
This is a formal paper, meaning it should be written in full paragraphs (do not give an outline or incomplete sentences).
No first person is allowed in this paper. Even though this paper is based on your position, present your ideas using third person voice with evidence to support your assertions.
Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are expected to meet the same standards as are required in English classes.
APA or AMA citations are required. If you have questions on how to cite, please either talk the professor, writing center, or the librarian ahead of the due date of this paper.
While you already know this, academic integrity is expected and enforced. If a case of plagiarism is detected, that student will not only receive a -0- score on their paper but may also be downgraded on the course’s final grade (even an F for the course is an option I can take). I will also report this to the Office of the University Provost for violating ASU’s academic integrity policy. So, it is your responsibility to understand plagiarism.
For more information on this, check out this video from the ASU Writing Center (Links to an external site.).
Reputable Web Sites
The information they provide is based on research and facts, not on fiction, ideological myth and hearsay, and hyped media reports with a political agenda. In accessing information from a website, you need to exercise a discerning eye to maintain your own credibility; be an educated and intelligent consumer of information! Wikipedia, blogs, forums and similar cites are not academically reputable sites and are not acceptable in this class.
Be very careful about the sources you use. When doing a google search, you will find many biased sources (from special interest groups, various opinions, etc.). Be sure to use credible sources! You will lose points for not using credible sources. Proper grammar, organization and spelling will be scored so be sure to proofread your paper prior to submission. Consider connecting with the ASU writing center for feedback on paper. ( to an external site.)

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