Primary Topic & Source (Gospel According to John) Secondary Source (The Bearer o

Primary Topic & Source (Gospel According to John)
Secondary Source (The Bearer of Burdens – John’s Jesus)
Be sure to cite both, please.
The goal of this assignment is to get you reading and engaging the text in an inquisitive
and thoughtful manner. Read the biblical text, be surprised by it, be angry at it, and
most of all, ask questions about it. Then, see if the assigned secondary readings or the
study notes in The New Oxford Annotated Bible address any of the reactions that you
have or surface other issues that you have not previously noticed or thought about.
Finally, put it all together by discussing your overall understanding and interpretation of
the relevant passages in the text. Another way to do this would be to pull out significant
quotes from the secondary reading and then interact with it. What did you find
meaningful about this quote, or what did you disagree with, and why? Each WIRE must
be a minimum of 1400 words.
Use the WIRE attached as a guide to the writing.
A)Verse/Verses you want to reflect on:
B) Your reflection/interpretation/thoughts: What stands out
to you? What gaps/inconsistencies do you notice in the text? What is peculiar
about the text to you? What poetic/stylistic things do you notice in the text,
and what might they indicate? Does this text connect with any other texts we
have engaged? What is the text saying? What does the text do to you when you
read it?
You don’t have to
answer all of these questions, but they should be helpful in giving you a good
sense of how to approach the text.
C) Questions you may have
D) Response to assigned secondary readings
Here you
can include quotes that you want to talk about. Overall, I want to see that you
are engaging with what secondary reading is discussing concerning the assigned
text for the day (if it does). How does the context and background provided by the
secondary reading affect your interpretation? Does it clarify any questions
that you have or bring up some questions you had not previously considered?
Does it bring up more questions about the biblical text?

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Secondary Source (The Bearer o appeared first on Skilled Papers.