Course Video: Political Science: Defining the Discipline
Sell, T. M. (2017). An Introduction to Politics. :Chapter 1: Politics and the Economy AND Chapter 2: Ideologies and Isms: The Foundations of Politics
Manufacturing consent: The political economy of the mass media. watching the course video and completing the readings, post to the discussion.
After viewing the course video and completion of the readings, post your response to the following questions: Who has power in your life? Who do you have power over?
Is the government where we live legitimate? What does our government do to preserve its legitimacy in the eyes of citizens?
Assume you were studying to be part of Plato’s Guardian Class. What things would you need to know in order to be an effective leader?
In what ways do order and tradition play a role in everyday life today? Does this order and tradition help or hinder progress?
Is government a social contract? How does the contract work for people who were not born when “the contract” was agreed upon? Please note a satisfactory post will have the following characteristics:
Demonstrates familiarity with the assigned readings, include citations and direct references to the content of the text.
Be thoughtful and insightful. Your submissions must show reflection upon and analysis of the text.
Responsive to prompts and classmate submissions. Your submission should address the prompts the presented. Likewise, responses to classmate submission should directly address the positions presented.
Engaging: The discussion boards are expected to be exactly that, a discussion. Students are expected to engage each other in a discussion which deepens our mutual understanding of the concepts being addressed. Ask thought provoking questions, respectfully challenge each other, provide supporting evidence and references to further support positions, etc.
Positions are clearly explained and supported with citations and or examples or anecdotes. If you make a claim, explain it fully. If you agree with someone’s posts.