Students will assume the creative role of curator and produce an exhibition on a

Students will assume the creative role of curator and produce an exhibition on a theme/topic relating to some aspect of course material. Sample themes/topics include but are certainly not limited to: Places of Worship, Death, Architectural Innovation, Ornament & Jewelry, Roman Wall Painting, Hadrian’s Villa, et al…If selecting a particular theme, the curated exhibit must address at least three cultures covered in the course: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Near East, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Early Christian, Romanesque & Gothic, and Proto Renaissance.
The exhibition must include 7-10 relevant images. Students are expected to visit several different websites to retrieve images (a minimum of three different sites). The goal of the exhibition is to take a viewer through the theme/topic in a connected and seamless manner. The organization of the exhibition is paramount to the viewer’s experience. Depending on your chosen technology platform, you may envision the exhibit’s physical space/layout. Consider how you present information for the viewer to gain a more formal understanding of the chosen theme/topic. You may for example, choose the obvious chronological ordering, or you may opt for a different flow.
Exhibition Text:
The following will be embedded in the exhibition:
Title of the exhibition
Introduction that includes what, as Curator, you want the viewer to gain from this presentation. What was your rationale for selecting these images?
Include roughly a paragraph for each image that explains its importance.
Provide a brief visual description and note how the theme/topic is reflected. Consider the style and context of your selected works.
Highlight important visual or historical connections between images.
Wrap-up with a conclusion that ties your work together. How does your exhibit contribute to our understanding of course material?
Works Cited in MLA or APA citation style
They should be fully captioned with title, date, and location (not website). You should also think about the ordering…will they be chronological? Explain your rationale for how they will be presented and what your goals are for the viewer when writing the introduction.
Please use this paper as a good starting point for it resquivelproject2.docx

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