The purpose of your literature review here is to become familiar with the curren

The purpose of your literature review here is to become familiar with the current research on Medical Nutritional Therapy for a specific chronic health condition. You will then use this information as the foundation to create an image-based informational project (Part 2) that shares what you have learned with the class.
For the literature review:
Read the MNT-related articles from the ( and from ( assigned to us for this week.
OTHER THAN DIABETES OR OBESITY, select a single chronic health condition to study.
Review 5-10 current (2010 to present) sources of academic, governmental, or professional literature that address strategies for successfully treating your chosen health condition with MNT.
Questions to ask yourself before writing a literature review:
Roughly how many sources should you include? 5-10 sources
What types of sources (books, journal articles, websites)? Any of these types of sources are acceptable, and a diversity of source types is preferable. The most important element is reliability (academic & peer reviewed, governmental, or professional)
Should you summarize, synthesize, or critique your sources by discussing a common theme or issue? Summarize, and identify any patterns that emerge.
Should you evaluate your sources? Yes, evaluate. Determine which literature sources make a significant contribution to the understanding of the topic under study (Lyons, 2012) and include only those sources since these will be used as the basis for your visual presentation.
Should you provide subheadings and other background information, such as definitions and/or a history? Define any terms that are not in common use. Headings are optional. Offering a historical perspective for clarity is likely to be helpful but try not to spend much time on this.
The essay must be in APA 7th edition format:
Include title page and reference page.
Do not include an abstract; instead, include a standard introduction with thesis / position statement.
Include a conclusion that reiterates the thesis and summarize the topics addressed.
Font: Times New Roman, 12.
The body of paper double-spaced.
Plagiarism Issue: If it is not your original idea, the source(s) must be cited.
Plagiarism Issue: If the words are not your own, these must be separated from yours with quotations marks or block quotation.
Plagiarism Issue: Keep direct quotations to a minimum! Under 10% of your essay is highly recommended. Summarizing and paraphrasing demonstrate stronger critical thinking skills.
All sources must be cited in-text, and all in-text citations must be referenced at the end of the essay.
Exceptional work references course concepts and demonstrates understanding through the application of these.
All papers will be submitted online through TurnItIn.Com. if you check for plagiarism using the same site make sure it doesn’t affect me when I submit it. You can cite as many outside sources as you want. Here is the ISBN978-1-4665-8995-7 for the class textbook you can refer to.

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