There are two questions for this exam, each listed below. You must answer both q

There are two questions for this exam, each listed below. You must answer both questions. Both essays
will be graded separately. There is a 1,000 word limit per essay (approx. 3 pages each [6 pages total for the
entire exam], Times New Roman, double spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch margins). Any materials submitted
past the 1,000 word limit will not be graded.
Be sure to cite any and all sources you use for your paper, including course lectures or texts. If you use any
outside materials, be sure to include a bibliography page. If you use only course materials there is no need
to submit a bibliography page. I consider plagiarism (any unattributed borrowing of another person’s words
or ideas) to be a very serious academic offense. Any plagiarism will result in an automatic “F” for the
exam, so make sure you cite all your sources for both paraphrasing and quotes and that your essays
represent your own original work.
The final exam is due on Sunday, May 15th at 5:30pm, NO exceptions. Late exams will NOT be graded. Feel free to submit your exam essays any time before the due date. I also suggest that you also paste your exams into the body of your e-
Question #1:
In a bid to increase their sagging ratings, CNN has fired both Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper, replacing
them with the recently divorced Kim Kardashian, to produce a new news segment called, “Keeping Up
With the Knews.” In order to deflect criticisms and to prove Kim’s intellectual heft, CNN has decided to
have a segment on the show where she speaks with experts on important debates in Sociological Theory.
You have been called in as a guest, because of your expertise in Classical Sociological Theory, for a show
that is focused on the connections between the individual and society, comparing the work of George
Herbert Mead, Emile Durkheim & Karl Marx. With Kim K. intently listening, you begin by discussing
Mead’s theories on the development of our “self”…
In your essay, please give an account of this conversation between yourself and Kim Kardashian. Begin by
detailing how, according to Mead, our “self” develops. Also consider how both Durkheim and Marx might
respond to Mead, based on their own theories on the connections between society and the individual.
Question #2:
Just as he was preparing to celebrate the holiday season at the White House, President Biden has to deal
with yet another massive financial crisis caused by shenanigans on Wall Street. After a day where the Dow
Jones average dropped 5,000 points, he finds himself unable to sleep as thoughts of the economic crisis
weigh on his mind. Suddenly, he is visited by the ghosts of several Classical Sociological Theorists, Karl
Marx & Friedrich Engels, Emile Durkheim and W.E.B. DuBois or Charlotte Perkins-Gilman (you get to
choose which one of these final two “ghosts” actually appears to Biden). One after the other, the ghosts of
these theorists attempt to persuade Biden to make specific changes to American society based on their own
theories on the division of labor and social progress…
In your essay, detail the differences between Marx/Engels and Durkheim on the importance of the Division
of Labor for society. Consider how these differences affect each of their “ideal” visions of social progress.
In what ways might, either DuBois, in reference to Race, or Gilman, in reference to Gender, critique both
Marx & Durkheim’s views? Also, be sure to conclude by discussing which theorist Biden will choose to

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