This is an analytical paper that has to discuss both sides (supporting and oppos

This is an analytical paper that has to discuss both sides (supporting and opposing)
TOPIC: Should student debt be eliminated?
1. Abstract
2. Introduction: TOPIC: Should student debt be eliminated? Provide the necessary background and important recent developments. Define key terms and concepts.
3. THESIS STATEMENT IN BOLD included in the intro paragraph as the last sentence
4. Arguments and Counterarguments: Summarize the best arguments on both sides of the issue. Include relevant research from credible sources used to support each conclusion.
5. Evaluation of Critical Thinking: Assess the strength of the arguments and the quality of thinking surrounding this issue.
– Identify weaknesses in critical thinking such as fallacies, rhetorical devices, vague language, and cognitive biases. Provide specific examples of how these weaknesses appear in arguments, using terminology and definitions from the course
– Evaluate the quality of scientific and anecdotal evidence using the standards of inductive and deductive reasoning described in the course. Consider the quality of causal relationship, analogies, generalizations, and/or moral reasoning.
6. Conclusion: Analyze the totality of research and offer a critical thinker’s response to the issue. Identify your own position and experience with the issue and explain how your thinking of the subject has evolved as a result of your analysis.
You must use a minimum of 5 research references in APA Style and include in-text citations in your paragraphs. Include a minimum of 3 academic peer-reviewed books or journal articles. Other sources may be used as supplemental sources, such as journalistic, government, web-based, or media sources. Sources should not include dictionaries, encyclopedias, or general information websites like Wikipedia.
****IMPORTANT******* Please remember this is not an opinion or persuasive essay. This paper should discuss why student debt should be eliminated as well as why it should not be based on research done not own opinion.

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