tylenol case study research paper

The Tylenol scare of 1982 is (still) one of the most significant public relations case studies of our time. All students and practitioners of Public Relations should be aware of the event.

Your job is to review 3 sources that present the Tylenol scare and summarize the event. In addition, you are to describe and critique the public relations strategy.

Next, you are to find one additional case study (that is not in your text book) that is similar to Johnson & Johnson’s handling of the Tylenol situation. You must receive instructor approval on this case prior to the assignment submission. Ideally, class members will each have a different scenario to add to the depth of the class discussion. You must use two sources to describe the case study you select. You are to compare and contrast the events of your crisis communication scenario with that of the Tylenol case.

Finally, you should reflect on both situations and discuss what you, as an aspiring PR professional would do.

This assignment is a 6-8 page paper with APA-style documentation.

This assignment fulfills the following course outcomes:

• Analyze and reflect upon major case studies in advertising and public relations (SLO #1&3)

• Identify the variety of roles required of nimble communication professionals (SLO #1&2)

• Manage crisis situations with thoughtfulness and compassion (SLO #2&3)

• Synthesize ideas through clear, concise, and convincing written and verbal communication (SLO #2)

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