VISUAL LITERACY PROJECT The purpose of illustrations in a text is to make your l

The purpose of illustrations in a text is to make your learning easier – one picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words. For this assignment, you are to take on the role of a textbook editor and select illustrations to be added to your World History Text.
Find four (4) illustrations that are not already contained in your text. You must choose one illustration from each of the four major cultures that we will study – European (Western), the Middle East, India, and China (East Asian). Make a copy of your illustrations. You will write two paragraphs to accompany each illustration.
Illustrations can vary greatly. So the following two paragraphs are suggested as broad outlines. You will need to adapt these suggestions for each illustration.
In paragraph one, state where you found your illustration (This information will also be repeated in your works cited page). Identify the culture that the illustration depicts and the approximate time period and/or incident that the illustration helps you to understand. – Paragraph #1 is introductory and is apt to be brief.
In paragraph two, explain why you selected this particular illustration. What can be learned by studying the illustration? What does the illustration show us about that specific culture and what may be happening at that time? Refer to and explain the significance of the specific details of your illustration. Discussing the details of your illustration is a vital part of the assignment. Many students earn a “B” rather than an “A” by failing to discuss the details. What caption would you write to put under the illustration in the text?
Students working for an “A” on this assignment must cite (quote directly) two different outside sources in developing their paragraphs on each illustration. Your text may also be cited, but will not be considered an outside source.
A few reminders before submitting your project:
Have you included 4 illustrations – one from each of the four major world cultures (China/East Asia; India/South Asia; The Middle East; and Western)?
Do those illustrations reflect the appropriate time period covered by the course – that is prior to about 1700 CE.?
Have you discussed the details of your illustrations?
Have you explained what can be learned from studying the illustration?
Have you cited (quoted directly) 2 outside sources for each illustration?
Have you used MLA, APA or some other generally accepted style sheet in citing those sources and developing your Sources Cited Page?
Have you included a Sources Cited Page?
Have you remembered to include a caption for each illustration?
Have you carefully proofread to be sure that there are no errors in spelling, grammar, syntax, usage, and basic composition?
Is your paper organized and presented in a manner that reflects college level work?
I posted a sample of the assignment.

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