Were searching for me and it might be some other group members. When it was 9th

Were searching for me and it might be some other group members. When it was 9th December around 4p.m we heard knock in the door and my father went to open the door and it was two men who hed uniform of the police saying where is Yahya and that day i was at home having stories with my young sister and her friend in the compound where we had another back door. My father told the two men that Yahya is not at home and which police department are they from and why are they after me so they pushed him backwards and they entered the house and they saw me in the compound with my sister and her friend so one of them said to my father why is he lying to them that i am not at home and he pushed the trigger and he killed my father so the other one came towards our side and shoot at us and one bullet hit my sister’s friend where by i had to jump over the wall to save myself… i ran and went to Madina district where my aunt leaves at… After the incident my uncle went to the police station to report what happened and after he came home he got a phone call from the group Al shabab telling him that the will kill him too if he doesn’t stop going to the police station and they told him that it was them who killed my father and they are still searching for me because they believe i am a spy and they said they know that i called the police the day that Al shabab group members were killed by the police.. they told him they will search for me everywhere in Somalia and that they will torture and kill
Me. Since this people have connections everywhere in somalia i had to run away from my home country to save my self…my relatives came together and contributed some money for me and i had to run away from Somalia… i started my journey out of the country in 15 December 2021 with the help of (muqalas) i enterd Ethiopia with a bus on 21 December 2021 and went out of Ethiiopia on 2 January 2022 i reached Brazil on 3 January 2022 and i continue my tough journey till to the united state which took me about 2 months and i entered the United state on 25th February 2022. When i enterd the United States of America i was held in police patrol for two days then transferd to Arizona which i stayed about one week then i was transferred to Mississippi which i stayed about 3 weeks then i was released on parole on 29th march 2022

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